Nature 7

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Life Smart

Full-screen Control Panel and a Smart Gateway


  • 7-inch High definition touch screen
  • Configurable built-in menu to meet your needs
  • Customizable physical buttons to switch scenes
  • Works as a gateway
  • Built-in speaker
  • AF coating
  • PoE power supply
  • Android 11 OS to ensure low-power and stable operation
  • Supports multiple protocols including CoSS, Zigbee, Wi-Fi
  • Nature 7

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      Nature 7

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      A full-screen control panel incorporating all intelligent control features, Nature 7 PRO enables control of various smart home devices and shifting between different smart scenes like “Away”, “Sleep,” “Movie or ”Dinner“. In particular, using Nature 7 PRO, a user can accurately control the degree to which a curtain opens and closes. Tune the brightness and color of a lamp or adjust the temperature of an air conditioner. Enjoying a truly smart life. The wall-embedded intelligent panel can be easily integrated into homes’ styling with 7-inch touch panel and standard 86mm base. It is not only a personal smart housekeeper at your fingertip but also a smart property terminal within your reach.


      • Smart Home Devices Management and Control  |The built-in gateway makes it easy to add, manage and control your smart home devices via a touch panel. Just one click to switch between scenes andinitiate device coordination. All the LifeSmart CoSS products can be added to Nature 7 PRO, and customers can control the curtain, shutter, light, HVAC panel, and also SONOS music box.
      • User-friendly Software Design | Supports one-key pairing, UI style switching, weather details checking, smart home devices control, smart scenes control, etc. The simple operation and neat UI are easy enough for customers to become skillful on using.
      • Trigger scenes with a tap | Allows you to set scenes, where devices coordinates to implement your commands.
      • Local Control| Even if the Internet is interrupted, device control and device linkage can still work normally in the LAN.
      Model Number LS227
      Installation Detachable bracket
      Operating Temperature -5~45℃
      Operating Humidity 5~90%
      Network LAN*1+Wi-Fi
      Screen 7 inch
      Resolution 1024*600(IPS)
      Operation System Android 11
      Power Supply DC 12V,PoE 48V
      Microphone Yes
      Speaker Yes
      CPU 4 core ARM
      Button Scene button*4,power button
      Radio Protocol Wi-Fi/CoSS/Zigbee/Bluetooth
      Radio Frequency CoSS:433MHz Others: 2.4GHz
      Signal Range(Open Field) CoSS: 300m Others: 50m
      Color Grey
      Dimension   Outside the wall:249*113*16mm; Whole product:249*113*28.6mm;
      Casing  PC
      Weight 410g(Bare metal) 525g(Whole product)
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