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  • Nature 7

    Full-screen Control Panel and a Smart Gateway


    • 7-inch High definition touch screen
    • Configurable built-in menu to meet your needs
    • Customizable physical buttons to switch scenes
    • Works as a gateway
    • Built-in speaker
    • AF coating
    • PoE power supply
    • Android 11 OS to ensure low-power and stable operation
    • Supports multiple protocols including CoSS, Zigbee, Wi-Fi
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    Nature Mini PRO 252,00 ر.س

    The only thing we changed is everything

    Nature Mini PRO is a smart home control panel installed at the intersec- tion of moving paths in your home. It has a 4-inch HD touch screen to provide you with a wide visual space and a comfortable interaction experience. With a powerful hardware platform to support multi-mode protocols and a customized operating system, it can transmit control signals to smart home devices and receive status feedback, thus realizing control functions of smart devices such as turning off lights and opening curtains.

    Nature Mini PRO supports multiple protocols including CoSS, Zigbee, dual brand Wi-Fi and BLE.

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